FREE Pair of Hollister Jeans

FREE Pair of Hollister Jeans #HCOJEANSMOVEMENT

Win a FREE Pair of Hollister Jeans in the Hollister Co. Jeans Quikly Giveaway Sweepstakes! They are giving away  a check for $10,000 bucks and over 1,000 pairs of jeans!   This could go live at any moment and if your one of fastest to click the link you win!

Winners receive a promotional code valid to redeem one (1) pair of Hollister Co. jeans valued at $59.95 or less.


Home Depot Seeds Program: Get FREE Products to Review From Home Depot

Have you heard about the Home Depot Seeds Program?

The Home Depot Seeds Program (“Seeds” or “Seeds Program”) is a program that enables a select group of the Home Depot customers to post opinions about new and pre-released items to help their fellow customers make educated purchase decisions. Customers are invited to become Seeds Members based on the trust they have earned in the community for writing accurate and insightful reviews. The Seeds Program provides Members with free products that have been submitted to Seeds by vendors or The Home Depot. Since Seeds Members will receive access to products that are not yet available on the market, their opinions may be among the first posted on a product’s detail page. The Home Depot does not influence the opinions of Seeds Members, nor do we modify or edit their reviews.

How can I become a Seeds Member?
The Home Depot Seeds program is an invitation-only program.  How are members selected? We invite Members to the Seeds program based on the number and quality of reviews submitted on the site as well as the amount of helpfulness feedback votes the reviews have received from other customers.

So basically start reviewing products you have purchased at Home Depot at and you could be invited to get free products via the Seeds program!  Is anyone a current member?

free samples by mail

Mail Call: FREE Samples by Mail July 11-24

Check out what came in my mailbox this week!

I got some nice sunglasses from Solo Eyewear, a cookbook, 2 protein bars, and more.  What did you get this week?

What I got that is still available

Everything else (No longer available)

  • Cora tampons
  • Solo eyewear sunglasses
  • Quiet Gut cookbook
  • Aquafina coupon
  • Pure Protein samples
  • Giant Slayer cards
  • Good Housekeeping,People, Cosmo magazines
free emergen c

FREE Samples of Emergen-C Drink Mix

Get a FREE Sample of Emergen-C Drink Mix  Emerge Replenished every day with Emergen-C vitamin supplement drink mix. Fill out the form and we’ll send you a FREE sample of Emergen-C Original and Emergen-C Super Fruit to give it a try.

Stop taking regular vitamin C! Most commercial brands of vitamin C only contain ascorbic acid — not the low-acidic, mineral-buffered form of vitamin C called mineral ascorbates that’s found in Emergen-C® Vitamin C Drink Mix.

free w magazine

FREE W Magazine Subscription

Get a FREE W Magazine Subscription from Rewards survey. No credit cards, no bills!  Choose W Magazine from the list, or you can choose one of the others.

W Magazine brings you the Who, What Where, When, and Why in the World of Fashion. Go behind the runways with W and sit front row at the world’s hottest shows to get the first looks at the most fabulous fashion. In each issue of W, you’ll discover fashion that is elegant, opulent, and colorful, plus people, parties, and Hollywood — all like you’ve never seen them before. And with your subscription, you’ll get the must-have, super-sized Spring and Fall Fashion Issues!