FREE Proactiv Solution

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Share your before and after photos with Proactiv and they will send you a FREE gift!  You’ll receive several gift options—choose the one you want most, and it’s yours FREE!

You must be 18 years of age or older to submit a photo. If you are 16 or 17, you can have your parents submit your photo for you.

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  • Lori


  • Hi
    my is Tash Dixon .my friend in i was talking about proactiv so i said to her that
    it do work now she what to try it .in pay the 5.99 for shipping and handling

  • Alexis Mason

    I’d like to try this free kit please!!!

  • Giovanni

    I always wanted to try it but I was scared it was just a spam but my brother got it so now I wan it so I’m trying it

  • randi mccreary

    best deal ever cant wait

  • randi mccreary

    love proactive

  • I have really bad acne and I need help.

  • Sarah

    my acne is really bad, i need something for it. i just wanted to try proactiv before buying it to see if it works on my skin.

  • manuel lopez

    my acne is really really bad it hurts too i need some proactive my family jus cat aford it right now could you help

  • Sarah

    My acne is really bad it leaves scars on my face and it wont go away no matter what i use.i really want to try it first iam tired of not feeling great about my skin.

  • great offer!

  • hope it works

  • sushmitha

    well i have pimple marks on my face and i wana get rid of them. so can u plz send a free sample of proactiv to me? i wan2 try it 1c

  • wold like to try it

  • karthik rupani

    i cannod afford to buy proactive but i have too many darkspots and my face has bcom too bad bcoz of tat.will i really get a free sample,if it’s possible plzz can i get 1!!

  • karthik rupani

    i just wanna try proactive solution,bcoz i have seen many positive reviews of proactive,so plzz send me a sample!!

  • karthik rupani

    i wanna try proactive once.have got many darkspots…..i wanna a sample of proactive….and pls make it fast!!

  • kerry

    well i am 16 and people at school bully me because of my spots so i wanted to try proactive to see if it could help me.

  • jessica Alvarez

    i already try it along time ago and it don’t work but, now it past like 3 years and i wanan try it again maybe now a can get out of it , awant a free to try first ,

  • Lonnie swann

    I’v tried everythang an nothing is helping. i have problems goin out my house an seein people. please help im not happy with my face at all. i would love to try proactive.

  • I want to try it for free my skin loks terrible i need it please

  • karin

    I have always suffered from acne, it looks very ugly.
    I would just like Justin bieber and other stars have a beautiful skin.
    it would make my life a lot easier.
    Please send me the free Proactiv.


  • rhonda bowers

    my eleven years old daughther has acne very bad on her face. i tried prescripts for acne nothing seems to work.. she is embaressed by it.

  • I had my face mess up ses Iwas little

  • hi my name is beatriz and i’ve had problems with my acne for years now and i’ve just about everything and nothing worked it would really be great if i could try proactiv for free. please send me a free sample so that i could finally find a good solution thats really works.

  • i want to try proactive but i want to try first will u plz send me some sample please!! my sister really want to try this too..

  • Talia

    Hi, i dont have really bad acne but i do have pimples that i want to get rid of,can i please try proactive for free,thank you.

  • Ive never had pimples now i do I really wanna try proactive ive heard it really works

  • nikki

    i have dark spots on my face i use to use proactive it really works i need some more

  • darlene harvey

    hi my name is darlene i have seen the proactive advertsisng on tv for so long and have been wanting to try it but i am scared due to my acne issues and my skin is so senstive if you could please let me have a sample to try you may be my life saver and the answer to all my prayers i will be checking everyday to see if a sample will be sent to me please help me with this acne problem thank you so much darlene

  • Emily

    Hi, I suffer from acne and would like a free sample of proactive to see if it really works, before I purchase. If it is as good as people say, I will order from you. Thank You.

  • Jakita

    hi my names jakita, im 15, i wear make-up alot because im very self conscious and have acne around my chin and cheeks. I have wanted to try acne for a while now. I would love to try a free sample to see if it works for me as it would build my confidence up heaps at school and around town.

  • I never tried proactive and my pimples are out of control can you pleaase send me some proactive



  • sade

    I have breakouts in want to get rid of them

  • Moneak

    I have been a proactive user for a while Now and it’s the only acne system that works for me,and Im sure it will do the same for others.

  • kailee

    if i want this..
    do they really go to our houses..or just send the free example.???

  • ann

    I have tried so many products,which does’nt seem to work.I would love to try something to get rid of my acne so that I can get my self esteem and my self confidence.Please help.

  • Tanyaflores

    My name is Tanya and I’m 15 when I go to school I feel
    Like hiding my face. The kids in my school make fun of me I just
    Want to feel beautiful. I can’t afford to buy so I’m askin please can yhu help

  • Jaclyn Franklin

    I have always wanted to try pro active, but me and by boyfriend dont have jobs and do not have any money. I am covered in bumps and i hate them. Every since i was younger and started getting them all over my shoulders and back, i have been a “masher” but i want rid of them and can’t afford to buy anything to get them gone. I come to this page hopen i can get a sample and i hope it works. All i can ask is if you give me a sample of pro-active so i can be the beautiful wifey n mommy i want to be.

  • danielle

    iv tried everything & so far nothing works.. im not sure if this proactive stuff works as good as the tv says so i want to test it before buying it. thank you

  • princess

    I have been struggling with acne for about 4 years now. Its just gotten worst especially on my cheeks and the sides of my face. I’m almost hopeless. I really would like to try proactiv to clear my skin and have more confidence in myself. Thank you.

  • I have acne and i hate them cause they make my face look ugly and I saw proactive and hoped it worked.

  • garland taylor

    i need, my face lQQks like pizza!

  • Red_lady28

    I am going to do this right away- I have been wanting it for my son to try.
    But didn’t want to spend the $, if it didn’t work, or he is allergic to it.

  • ebony

    Hi my name is ebony and i like goin out but without putting all of this makeup on my face …please help

  • Inloveeeee.

    The only thing bad about proactive, is if you stop using it for a while, and then start using it again, it won’t work as well as it did the first couple of times. So you’ll have to keep buying it, over and over. If you want the results it gave you the first few times.

  • Mc13

    Hi, my name is Makenna I am 13 and I wanted to try proactive be cayuse every other thing I’ve tried makes my face brake out EVAN MORE and I wanted to get it away befor I start the new school year because I’m always getting made fun of. I REALLY hope you’ll help me. thanks

  • francheska

    Well i am 13 and i have acne on my chest,back,my neck and my face and my parents don’t want to spend money on this Proactiv Product and it doesn’t work ..or im allergic to it..I really hope you guys can help i am tired of not being able to wear a bathingsuit because of my acne please Help Me!!

  • Markisha Johnson

    Hi my name is markisha im 20 years old i have had acne almost all my teenage life ..i was teased .talked about because my skin was so bad..ive always wanted clear skin i have acne on my face shoulders neck..and its really depressing so can you please help me :

  • Bethan

    Hi my name is Bethan. I have had acne for 5 years now and have tried almost every drugstore brand, I went to the dermatologist numerous times and was put on acne drugs, they cleared it up but now a milder version of it is coming back. I want to be able to walk out of the house without having to worry about covering spots that kill my confidence