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FREE & Cheap Products for Amazon Reviews (Updated)

Get FREE & Cheap Products for Amazon Reviews!  Yes it is true… companies are giving away free and deeply discounted products in exchange for an honest review.  After you agree to review a product, companies will give you a coupon code to make the product either free or $1 or so.

After you try the product just write a review on amazon telling how you liked or disliked the product.  If you have Amazon prime the shipping is free.  If you don’t they will sometimes offer a code for free shipping.  I have been reviewing for a couple months now and I have got a TON of free and really cheap stuff!

Pro Tip: I highly recommend that you read my post on the rules on How NOT to Lose Your Amazon Reviewer Account!

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FREE Naturebox: 5 Full Size Healthy Snacks for $4.95 Shipped

Here is another great deal I wanted to share with you guys.  Right now you can get your First Naturebox FREE just pay the shipping of $4.95 shipped!  Every NatureBox is filled with 2-3 pounds (5) full-sized packages of nutritionist-approved, delicious snacks.   You get to pick your snacks!

Head to NatureBox to sign up today!  I have been a member for awhile and every single snack I have got has been delicious!  Remember, you can cancel any time.

thrive market

FREE Organic Coconut Oil Gift Box (Just Pay Shipping)

Update: Spend $70 and get a FREE $30 credit!

HOT! Right now new Thrive Market members get a FREE Organic Coconut Oil Gift Box ($30 value), all you have to do is pay the shipping of $1.95!  PLUS, after you order you will get a FREE $15 Thrive Market credit and a 25% off coupon code.  The credit applies towards shipping so you can place another order and get an additional $12 worth of products shipped for free!

Here’s how to get this deal:

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digit app

Digit: Easiest Way to Save Money Without Even Thinking About It

I wanted to share this awesome app with you called Digit. heart_icon  Digit helps you save money without doing anything. Digit connects to your checking account and withdraws a few dollars (all based on your spending habits) every few days and deposits it into your Digit savings account.  They have an overdraft gaurantee so you can rest assured they will never take out money you need.  Most of the time you won’t even know they took anything.

I know what your thinking because I was thinking it too.  How can I let some app withdraw random amounts of my money… but I have to say you do not even notice it.  After just a month I had $141 bucks saved up and I did not even miss it!! Even cooler, Digit sends me a text every morning with my account balance so I can control my spending.  And it’s super fun too.  Reply to the text with a comment like “awesome” or “sweet” and you will get a hilarious response!  I am loving Digit and I bet you will too.  It’s never too early to start saving for Christmas right?!

About Digit

  • Does this service cost anything? Nope. Digit is 100% free. They even give you cash bonuses every quarter based on how much you save.
  • Will this work on my bank? YES!  Digit works with over 2,500+ U.S. Based banks.
  • How do I withdraw my money? Simply text “Withdraw” anytime to get your money out.
  • Is it safe? YES! All information is encrypted and your account is insured to $250,000.
  • How does digit know how much to save? It tracks your spending and pulls out small amounts that you can afford. You can also save more, less, or pause it at anytime with a simple text!

You can GO HERE and Signup in about a minute.

Have you tried Digit?  Let me know what you think…


Hollar: FREE $2 Credit and FREE Shipping on Your First Order

Sign up now at Hollar and get a FREE $2 Credit and FREE Shipping on Your First Order of $10 or more!  They have tons of awesome products and everything starts at just $2! They have Glo pets, Melissa and Doug toys, Hello Kitty, all for $2-$5 bucks!!

Hollar is your destination for the coolest gifts and goods starting at just $2. With a gazillion categories to shop, there’s always something new to score each and every day. They’re all about making shopping insanely fun—and keeping wallets extra happy.


FREE Baby Items (Just Pay Shipping)

Looking for a gift for a new mom or baby. Check out these FREE items, all you have to do is pay the shipping. Enter the promo code “ENBABY” and they will deduct 100% off the cost of your selected item – all you pay are the shipping fees!

Click Here to See all the Baby Freebies

FREE $5 Raise Credit

FREE $5 Off Any Gift Card

Get a FREE $5 Raise Credit!!  Raise lets you buy discounted gift cards to brands such as Target, The Home Depot, and Macy’s.   Just an example… you can buy a Claire’s gift card with a value of $100 for just $59 bucks!  You can get egift cards you can use online or physical gift cards to use at the store. All gift cards are delivered for free!

FREE Month of RocksBox

FREE Month of RocksBox

Get a FREE Month of RocksBox!  RocksBox is offering new members their first month for FREE (a $19 value)!  Just click the link and copy the coupon code.  Take the style quiz so they’ll know what you like then enter your code at checkout to make your total $0. Shipping is also FREE too! You will need to enter a credit/debit or prepaid card number but you will not be charged unless you do not cancel before your first free month is up.

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