Love With Food Box for $2 Shipped


Update: just got my box and it is well worth the $2!  It is still working if you want one!

Here is a hot deal for all the foodies out there.  Right now you can score a “Love With Food” Box  full of 8+ NEW gourmet foods delivered to your door for only $2!

To get the deal, select the Monthly Subscription [$12] then enter the Coupon Code YUMMY to get the box FREE. All you’ll pay is $2 for shipping!

*Once you have received your box, you can go online and cancel from your account online so you don’t receive any more boxes (unless you want to keep getting them for $12 a month).




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  • Janett Knittel


  • Janett Knittel

    Got the same ting yesterday!!

  • Jb Glatfelter

    How long did it take to arrive? I am leaving in 12 days and will be gone for 15 days and don’t want it to came while I’m gone so I can cancel right away.

  • Susan White

    Mine came too and we were happy with it. I may cancel though because I already receive a Goodie box every month and that one is seven dollars, including the shipping. This was a great deal for two dollars.

  • Emma Dean

    Hi Susan could you give me the info about the box which cost seven bucks

  • Jb Glatfelter

    I would like it also, if you would be so kind.


    where is the seven dollar box from


    where is that at I may get

  • Sonya

    wow what are these boxes everyone is talking about? and you said you get boxes every month for seven dollars? could you email me the information so I can start getting these boxes.. Thank you