Somnio Shoes Wear Test Program

Somnio shoes are made for everyday people and were designed to fit a range of lifestyle activities. From the occasional walker to the competitive runner, Somnio values feedback and wants to know how our shoes are performing in the field from the people who know us best. Apply to become a Somnio Wear Tester

Participant Requirements:


  • Agrees to return shoes upon request
  • Must live in the United States and be able to receive packages delivered by FedEx
  • Must be 18 or older
  • Must have regular access to the internet and a valid e-mail address
  • Agrees to use shoes only for walking or running during testing phase (no lawn mowing, rock climbing, etc.)
  • Able to provide detailed, helpful, and timely feedback effectively via email or phone
  • Is honest, critical and wants to create a better Somnio shoe!

Contemporary Consumers Research Panel

As a “Contemporary Consumers” Panel member , you’ll occasionally receive surveys asking for your opinions on TV shows, web sites, ad campaigns and your shopping habits. Everyone who completes a survey will have a chance to be entered into a monthly raffle. There will be two prizes awarded of $500 in value, one to each winner. Winners will be able to select from a variety of prizes including cash gift cards.