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Mail Call: FREE Samples in the Mail May 20-26

Check out all the FREE Samples in the mail this week!

Another great week of freebies for me!  I know a lot of you got the Olay sample… how did you like it?  Did you guys get the Jergens sample too?  I love big samples like that.  I also got a shaker cup from Nature’s bounty and glass from Pepsi!  Those two cans of wipes are from In Home Product Testing (the link is below).  So what did you guys get this week? Leave a comment below and let me know.


What I got that is still available:

Everything Else (No longer available)

  • Wholesome sweetener samples
  • Shiseido sample
  • Naturemade Vitamelts sample
  • Olay Fresh Effects sample
  • Jergens Natural Glow sample
  • Nature’s Bounty shaker cup
  • Tai Pei Entree coupon
  • Pure Via Sample
  • OK! Magazine



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Get a FREE Charmin Basic Toilet Paper and Coupon!  Ok this is all in spanish, but it you use google chrome browser it will translate it for you.  Or you can use google translate.

To get it, first go here and register, and then go to this link here and click the “Pide tu muestra” button, and click confirm.  Make sure your address is right.


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