Product Testing: Get FREE Products to Test and Keep

free product testing

Product testing is another great way to get free stuff.  I have got TONS of full size products by product testing.  Some companies also will pay you in gift cards or products for your participation.  Here is a list of legit product testing companies that you can join.

All links listed below with the (heart_icon Heart icon ) are my favorites and a must join!

Beauty Products

  • heart_iconL”Oreal: They are looking for men and women 18 and older, to use and evaluate cosmetics, skincare, hair care and/or hair color products.
  • heart_iconSheSpeaks: Product testing and parties.
  • Ahava: Test Ahava skincare products.
  • Pink Panel: Once selected, you will receive FREE samples of skincare or makeup products.
  • heart_iconAll You Reality Checkers: Test beauty products for All You Magazine.
  • heart_iconIn Home Product Testing: Get free products to test and gift cards for doing it.
  • Vogue Magazine: Test beauty products for Vogue magazine.
  • In Style Trendsetters: Test beauty products for InStyle Magazine.
  • Oprah Devotees: Test products for Oprah’s O Magazine.
  • Lucky1’s Panel: Test beauty products for Lucky magazine.
  • Seventeen Social Club:  Free beauty products and VIP event access.
  • Elle Inner Circle: Share your opinions on a variety of products and services featured in ELLE, receive product samples, and complete exclusive surveys.
  • Remington: If you get accepted, you’ll get the chance to test and review Remington hair care, hair removal, shaving, and grooming products for FREE.
  • AHAVA: Sign up to test AHAVA’s naturally rejuvenating skincare products.

Baby & Kids

  • MomSelect: Join to share free samples with friends, host in home parties or review the newest products for moms.
  • Mom Central: Get free baby/kid items from Mom central.
  • Parent Tested, Parent Approved: You give them your valuable feedback and get to keep the products for free!

Footwear and Apparel

  • Brooks Shoes: Sign up to become a wear tester and get Free shoes. (Not taking apps keep checking back)
  • heart_iconNike: Test Nike footwear and apparel.
  • New Balance: Available to both Adults and Children. Get Free Shoes!
  • Under Armour: Under Armour Wear Testers get the unique chance to try out the world’s greatest performance gear before it hits fields, courts, and gyms around the world!


  • heart_iconBetaBound: Members have tested products from Logitech, Dell, TomTom, Apple, T-Mobile, Polycom, Kodak, Yahoo!, and many other great companies.
  • Philips Sonicare: If you are 18-65 years old you may qualify to participate.
  • Remington Products: If you get accepted, you’ll get the chance to test and review Remington hair care, hair removal, shaving, and grooming products for FREE.


  • heart_iconCrowdtap: Crowdtap is a way for you to connect with well known brands while earning cash and free products in return!
  • heart_iconBzzAgent: I have everything from beauty products to an electric toothbrush from them.  This one is a must join!
  • heart_iconSmiley 360: I love Smiley!  They send tons of free products to try.
  • heart_iconInfluenster: Influenster is a cool site that sends out boxes of freebies to their members!
  • heart_iconHouseparty: Host product themed parties with your friends and family for free.
  • heart_iconVocalpoint: They have some of the best samples!  They are always sending out free products and coupons.
  •  Opinion Outpost: You can get paid to do surveys AND if you’re chosen, you could test new razors, beauty products, diapers, food and more!!
  •  Ipsos: Test an array of products from feminine hygiene to food and baby items.
  • Tide: Test products for Tide Brand Products.
  • Ravensburger: Test games and puzzles!
  • Brand Power: From time to time we’ll be selecting Home Tester Club members to receive coupons, special offers and free product to try themselves and share with their friends.
  • Test products in exchange for Amazon reviews: Become an Amazon reviewer and test all sorts of products.

Food & Drink

  • McCormick Consumer Testing: McCormick & Company is currently recruiting for taste test panelists to test a range of food, snacks and beverages throughout the year.

Know of any others…. leave a comment below so I can add it to the list! :)


  • passionthepirate

    Thank you so much for all of the helpful tips & freebies you share with us! I greatly appreciate them!!

  • Katrin Rodriguez

    thanks for this great list!!

  • passionthepirate

    I agree! This is an awesome list! I have tried to find other testing panels, on my own accord, but I always run into problems with them being legitimate . I am really excited to have a legitimate list!

  • Guide2Free

    Your welcome!

  • Lisa

    this is an awesome list, thanks!

  • Susan White

    I belong to Smiley 360, Influenster, and House Party and have been able to test several products for free. I’ve had a great experience with these companies so far.


    I have enjoyed so many free things and samples Imgiving them away . thank you gg

  • Sam Gonzales

    thank you for the list!

  • David Lotz

    This is great!

  • jewels

    Looking forward to it! Hope I get picked :)

  • Phyllis Wampler

    This would be nice to win! my birthday is January 26th. Good luck to everyone!

  • Aima Watt Chen Yu

    I love the opportunity that you give to try the freebies.. Thank you so much!

  • Debbie In-Alabama

    I no longer think this is even real……..

  • Sillygirrl

    I just got a big box from influencer and I get Buzagent stuff all the time. Trust the list. This is real.

  • Tara Smith-Bixler

    Swaggable is a great product testing site.Thought you’d like to add it.Thanks.

  • quinton

    its real :)

  • Jacqueline Vincer

    Tryazon is another company that I have recently found and joined. I hope its a good one too.

  • Debbie In-Alabama

    …nah. It’s a scam. I filed complaint w/ FTC – confirmed, it’s a scam. Actually, it is used to collect information – which is SOLD – the scammers are the ones that sit and post all these ‘messages about receiving loads of freebies. It’s a scam.

  • Ummmm no its not LOL. I run a page where all we do all day is post up pics of what we get from these people. Im constantly getting stuff. So who are you say we aren’t LOL – dont be a hater and throw shade because you dont know how to work it….

  • Debbie In-Alabama

    Oh I know ‘how to work it”.. but better yet, I know how it works. But, if you are lucky enough to receive promised merchandise, that’s wonderful and a very ,very rare thing (if ever) according to the Federal Trade Commission. Just be cautious. :-)

  • Guide2Free

    I post pics every Sunday of what I got for free here I promise you it is real :)

  • witch baby

    I get free products to test all the time…it’s not rare.

  • Debbie In-Alabama

    Uh huh……

  • Debbie In-Alabama


  • Debbie In-Alabama

    Two years later and I bet you are still waiting… PS Hope your birthday was a good one…..

  • Debbie In-Alabama

    …I bet you’re still waiting…. I personally believe it’s a scam. Based up FTC I am pretty sure it is…

  • nina4557

    Then go on elsewhere Debbie-downer. Just cause you don’t research before you send your information out don’t mean anything to people who do.

  • Debbie In-Alabama

    Not a ‘downer’ Nina4557 – just being honest, truthful and realistic. Try it. You’ll find it refreshing – much more so that telling people to ‘go’ anywhere. Sorry did not realize WHO you were. Oh, wait — just WHO are you. Twit.

  • Debbie In-Alabama

    ….”don’t mean anything to people….” – why thank you Nina4557 – English Professor…..

  • Debbie In-Alabama

    Fake. Scam. Phishing…..

  • Ona Walker

    I agree 100% with Debbie In Alabama. Nothing but phishing for information.

  • Ona Walker

    100% correct.

  • Ona Walker

    Debbie is not a downer. unless downer means telling it like it is. I have been scammed and phished too …

  • Ona Walker

    Do you own this site? You sure are mean.

  • nina4557

    Hahaha ?whatever if you say so troll. All I’m saying is some do work and some don’t. do your own research. No I don’t own this site cause if I did I’d kick trolls like Debbie downer off. Mad cause she don’t know how today get free stuff girl BYE

  • Debbie In-Alabama

    Poor simple, Nina4557….. absolutely brilliant… BUWAHAAA. People disagree with you and you think they should ‘kicked off’…. Sad. But sounds about right.

  • Debbie In-Alabama

    Hey, Nina4557….. BUH Bye……

  • Sillygirrl

    Thousands of people post pictures everyday of the free things received by these groups. I’m sorry you had a bad experience with whatever site you used, but there are legitimate places that send boxes of stuff daily, all over the world. I just got two bags of dog treats in the mail yesterday from smiley360. Free. So bla

  • Marte Archer

    tried several of those sites and nothing nike was not the right shoe size l’oreal nothing and don’t get me started with opinion outpost or bzzagent those are hit and miss at best

  • cassandra7678

    It is definitely REAL. My mailbox is filled to the brim everyday. I get MANY full size products, tons of boxes of samples and coupons for free products constantly. More than $10,000 dollars of products over the years. I have been doing this well over 10 years and have never had any of my personal info stolen. Nowadays, so many people are doing it that it takes time to get your info into their systems’ and get the ball rolling. Once it is, it doesn’t stop. Companies are starting to request a little effort on our part as well. They want social media posts & reviews for some of the stuff. It is really minimal effort for the value of goodies I receive. The more you “give”, the more you get, it is that simple. You can not just sign up, never check back in and expect tons of free stuff….

  • Ashley Bartrug

    hate to brake it to you Debbie but your not honest and true but a negative attitude on live if you were youd also have a upside on such topics and not just pissy comments to all opinions. I’m a blunt honest realistic, don’t beat bush but ,also know that everything has a good and bad part ,and it’s not going to change, just get even worse. but at same time we can’t change it and its a waste of time and life to let it piss us off or make us into negative pissy crapy living soul and i am already looking forward to your reply and don’t care really. your just another human who i can say sorry to see you grow old alone and waste what good you could’ve had instead

  • Lisa DeHaven