Does Tylenol Infant owe you $15?

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Does Tylenol Infant owe you $15?

If you have purchased a Tylenol Infant product between October 3, 2014 and January 6, 2020 you may be entitled to get a check for up to $15.05 from a class action settlement.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit claim that the Infants’ Tylenol packaging (the text “Infants” and a picture of a mother holding her baby) deceives consumers into believing Infants’ Tylenol is unique/ specially formulated for infants, when the bottle contains liquid acetaminophen of the same concentration in Children’s Tylenol, and therefore causes consumers to overpay for Infants’ Tylenol.

Just click this link to see if your eligible and submit a claim. Only one Claim Form may be submitted per household. Your Claim Form must be submitted online by April 13, 2020.

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