FREE Baby Products, Diapers, & Feminine Hygiene Products from Nieto Research

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Get FREE Baby Products, Diapers, & Feminine Hygiene Products from Nieto Research!!

Nieto Research, Inc. is a market research firm located in Atlanta, Georgia. They conduct consumer research for manufacturers of baby products such as diapers and baby wipes. They also do research for adult incontinence products and feminine hygiene needs.

Panel members receive free products to evaluate in exchange for their opinions.  Once you sign up for the panel, you will be entered into their database. Our initial contact with you prior to every study will be through email. If you qualify for a specific study, we will follow the email with a call giving you the details and asking if you would like to participate. At that time you can decide if you are interested in testing a particular product.

If you are interested, you can Sign up here.

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Tips to get picked for product testing

  • Always fill out your full profile and be honest.  Make sure to keep it updated if anything changes.
  • Make sure you complete any surveys or questionnaires asap so they know you are responsive and interested.
  •  During the application process talk about why you’re best suited to test the product.  Give them a good reason to pick you!
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