FREE Microbiome Skin test kit

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Get a FREE Microbiome Skin test kit!

If you are interested in your skin health and the skin microbiome, whether or not you struggle with skin issues, Parallel would like to invite you to participate in this research study. 

What is the Study About?

Parallel wants to learn more about the skin microbiome of adults living in the United States and how they can design skin microbiome health/beauty products that are clean, safe, targeted, and efficacious.

If you’re happy with your skin, they want to know what your skin microbiome looks like so that they can help you maintain your skin microbiome and prevent premature aging/deterioration. If you’re unhappy with your skin, then they want to understand why and then take a look at your skin microbiome, so that they can suggest products that will meaningfully improve your skin health.

How does it work?

If you would like sign up for their research study, they will mail you a free kit to test your skin. Once you receive your kit, all you have to do is complete a few skin swabs & mail them back.  Once the study ends, you’ll receive the aggregate results from all participants. After we refine our kit, you’ll get a free version of our finalized microbiome test and 30% off skincare.

To sign up, just click this link and choose “get started”. Must be 18+ and live in the US to participate.

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