Get FREE Beauty Products to Test from The Pink Panel

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Sign up for FREE Beauty Products to Test from The Pink Panel

If your into product testing and love makeup and skincare, you MUST check out the Pink Panel!

What is the Pink Panel?

The Pink Panel is top US women’s consumer product testing panel, where you can try out cosmetics, skincare, haircare & personal care items from the comfort of your own home.

Testers get free products to test and most of the time they will also be compensated for their time.

How does the Pink Panel work?

As a Pink Panel member, you’ll get emails offering you opportunities to test exciting new products for one day, or sometimes for up to eight weeks or more. All you have to do is apply and they will let you know if your accepted.

Get FREE Beauty Products to Test from The Pink Panel
Email example from the Pink Panel

After you try and test a product in one of our studies, you will usually get to keep the product AND receive a $25 – $100+ incentive in gift cards or beauty products—just for testing them!

Members can test beauty products once every 6 months. This helps make it so that more women get a chance to test products and they can diversify their panels.

How to Sign up for the Pink Panel

If you are interested in testing out new beauty products, you’ll definitely want to consider signing up with The Pink Panel.  As a Pink Panel member, you’ll be eligible for many perks, such as:

* Testing New Beauty Products

Once selected, you will receive FREE samples of skincare or makeup products. In return, you will be asked to complete a few simple online surveys sharing your thoughts and opinions about these new products. You may even receive a stipend ranging from $50 to $200 for each group. The Pink Panel is constantly running national trial groups and will announce upcoming groups via email, Facebook, and Twitter monthly.

To join, just go here and sign up. or copy and paste

* After you’ve joined watch your email for some gorgeous beauty product testing opportunities   Also, keep an eye on their Facebook page for more testing opportunities.

Available Product Tests to Apply for from the Pink Panel

After you sign up, go here and apply for 1 free skincare products! Panelists will get to keep the products tested plus receive an $75 incentive for completing the study.

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