FREE Game Plan for Life Book or Bible

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Get a FREE copy of the Game Plan for Life Book, New Testament Bible or Package of Tracks!

Choose from:

New Testament Study Bible: This small book was designed for those who have questions about Christianity, and who are motivated to read for themselves, straight from God’s Word, to find answers such as: Who is God? Why Read the Bible? and What is God’s Plan for Me?

Game Plan for Life: Written with the sports fan in mind, this book is an “average Joe’s” guide to what the Bible has to say about 11 important topics for men such as finances, relationships, physical and spiritual health, occupation, overcoming sin and addiction among others.

Joe Gibbs Life Story Tract: By request, we will furnish you with a package of 25 tracts to help you communicate with your group God’s game plan for life. Coach reveals his success (and failures) and how he took the long road, discovering along the way that what he was looking for was not something to be pursued.

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