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FREE Free Speech Box

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Get a FREE Free Speech Box!!  Are your free speech rights being curtailed on your campus? Of course they are! Most schools infringe on students free speech rights, especially if you want to promote conservative ideas.

*The Free Speech Box is complimentary for high school and college students only.

Well, we can help you push back at a moment’s notice. Order our Campus Free Speech Box, a $270.00 value,  and you will receive all that you need to protect your free speech rights including:

  • A Free Speech Quick Action Plan
  • 11×17 Free Speech posters
  • “I Support Free Speech, Not Political Correctness”
  • T-shirts for your officers
  • Free speech stickers
  • Free speech buttons
  • U.S. Constitutions
  • Printer labels to customize your posters

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3 FREE Issues of Clubhouse Magazine