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Join Elite Deal Club and get Premium Amazon products for FREE or just $1!  The Amazon sellers need people to test their products and leave honest feedback. Although reviews are greatly appreciated, you are NOT required to leave them. Our partnered sellers need testers for their products to see if you like them. Join to get great products and help them out by giving them your feedback!

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  1. I’ve just signed up and they have a thing saying you can get their ‘premium deals’ but you need to put your credit card in and they will bill a small fee when you get a premium deal. Do you know what the small fee is? Does it depend on the premium deal?

  2. I did it, the fee varies for each product but it tells you the fee and tells you the total price including the fee and the amazon price. It’s for nice, higher prices items. The other day was a nice, 90 dollar blender for 2 dollars on amazon with a 3 dollar fee from elite deals club. The only thing is, those items go FAST! I’m always a few minutes too late. I assume you have to be there right when the deals go up at 10am, 2pm, or 8pm to get those deals. I’m fairly sure those are the only times it updates, that’s just what I read from another online article, though.

  3. how come I get what the deals for the day are in my email but when I go on elite deals it only shows me around 40 deals?

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