Foods that You can Regrow for FREE

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If you do the grocery shopping for your household I don’t have to tell you that food is expensive!  Did you know there are several foods you can regrow from kitchen scraps for FREE?  Check out this list of foods that will grow from leftover scraps and seeds that you normally throw out.


Regrow Romaine Lettuce – Keep the “heart” and you can use it to grow more lettuce.

Regrow Green Onions

Regrow Onions – Check out this clever method of regrowing onions in a water bottle on your windowsill. You will end up with a ton of fresh onions whenever you need them!

Regrow Mushrooms – Mushroom lovers rejoice.  You can grow your own.  It is a little more work but if you love mushrooms it’s worth the trouble.

Regrow CeleryDon’t throw away the base, use it to regrow celery.  It produces a nice looking plant that you can cut off the stalks as needed for recipes.

Regrow Sweet Potatoes – All you need is one sweet potato to grow more sweet potatoes!  If it’s already sprouting you have a head start.

Regrow Leeks – Just like green onions, leeks are also very easy to regrow.  They are also fast growers!

Regrow Bok Choy – Just like celery, you can use the base to regrow bok choy.

Regrow Tomatoes – Save the seeds from your tomatoes and grow them again.


Regrow Lemons – I don’t know about you but I use lemons all the time.  You just need one organic lemon to grow yourself a whole lemon tree!

Regrow Pineapples – If you love pineapple then use the scraps to grow more.  It takes a bit of time but it’s well worth it.

Regrow an Avocado – Did you know if you plant an avocade pit you can actually grow an avocado tree at home!

Herbs and Spices

Regrow Ginger – All you need is a piece of sprouting ginger to regrow more of this fantastic spice forever!

Regrow Basil – Regrowing basil is easy.  All you need is a piece and you can have tons of fresh basil whenever you need it.

Regrow Lemongrass – Lemongrass is easy to grow.  It also smells and looks great!

Regrow A Garlic Bulb – Garlic is another one of those things I use all the time.  Why not grow your own for FREE?!

 Cilantro – Most people either love it or hate it.  If you love it you can easily grow your own from scraps.

Got any tips or know of any I didn’t include…. leave a comment below!

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