FREE $45.00 Check or $90.00 Worth of Truvia Products

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If you purchased Truvia Natural Sweetner Products in the U.S between July 1, 2008 and July 24th, 2014 you may qualify for a $45.00 check and/or $90.00 worth of FREE Truvia products because of a lawsuit claiming the brand used misleading statements about their products.

To claim your check and/or FREE products, submit this form by December 5th of this year!

According to the webpage, the lawsuit is about:

“The two lawsuits challenge the labeling and marketing of Cargill’s Truvia Natural Sweetener products. Plaintiffs allege that they purchased Truvia Natural Sweetener products and were misled by statements on the labels describing the Truvia Consumer Products and their ingredients—including stevia leaf extract and erythritol—as “natural.” Plaintiffs allege that the Truvia Natural Sweetener products they purchased were not “natural” because they contained ingredients that were “highly processed” and/or derived from genetically modified organisms (“GMOs”) and that the descriptions of the products, and of the ingredients of which these products were made, were inaccurate or misleading.”

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