FREE $50 Grocery Reimbursement for SNAP EBT Users

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Do you use SNAP EBT?  If so, Expensify wants to help by reimbursing you up to $50 for your grocery purchases.

All you need to do is make a grocery purchase using your EBT card and then submit the reciept using the steps below and they will send you up to $50 as soon as the next day to help families that are the hardest hit.

How to get the $50 rebate

  1. Purchase groceries using your SNAP (EBT) card and save the receipt!

  2. Download Expensify on iOS or Android

  3. Join the policy by clicking here.

  4. Make sure your Expensify account details are complete, including having your first and last name listed on your account

  5. Use SmartScan in the app to take a picture of the receipt — this will confirm that it was paid for with a SNAP (EBT) card

  6. Make sure that your SmartScanned expense contains the following details:

    • Merchant name = “Merchant name

    • Total = Change to $50 if the EBT purchase amount is greater than $50

    • Category = Volunteer Reimbursement

    • Class =

    • Description = “Purchase with SNAP card”

    • Receipt image = Image of the receipt with a clearly legible total of SNAP benefits used.

    • Heads up: We will only be accepting receipts for goods purchased from March 1st onwards.

  7. Submit your expense to [email protected]

  8. Set up a bank account in Expensify to receive the reimbursed funds

  9. We will try to reimburse you as soon as we can, up to $50 per family, as soon as the next day.

Please note that the reimbursement is limited to $50 per family. Reimbursements may be delayed or denied in the event you skip any of the steps above.

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