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FREE Bag of Gone Rogue High Protein Chips

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Get a FREE Bag of Gone Rogue High Protein Chips!  Choose from Chicken Bacon, Teriyaki Chicken, Buffalo Style Chicken or BBQ Flavored Chicken.  Hurry before they’re gone.

Our chip offers 17+ grams of protein and less carbs than your average bag of chips. And with all that protein, you’ll have the energy you need to get through Monday, leg day, race day, and every day in between.

Empty carbs leave you feeling empty inside, while other meat snacks don’t stack up in protein. We get it – You want a chip you can feel good about eating, one that will keep you movin’. That’s why we’re perfect. We take all-natural quality cuts of chicken and season with bold spices to create a chip that’s unbelievably satisfying