FREE Hibiscus Extract, Flakes, or Powder Samples

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Get FREE Hibiscus Extract, Flakes, or Powder samples!

You get to choose from these 3 products:

Extract: Our Hibiscus liquid extract captures the authentic color and flavor of real Hibiscus. With a dark burgundy hue and a tart, robust cranberry-rhubarb flavor, our extract has a honey-like viscosity and contains only Hibiscus solids and water. When added to cold water, it will instantly produce a beautiful crystal-clear beverage.

Flakes: Our new gentle drying process yields shiny flakes which capture the authentic flavor and color attributes of real Hibiscus in a new ready-to-use convenient form. The resulting dried material is 100% Hibiscus without any additives and can be characterized as dark burgundy in color with a beautiful diamond-like dust-free Microcrystalline appearance.

Powder: The dry microcrystalline flakes are subjected to a special grinding process to produce a fine milled dark burgundy colored powder suitable for dry blending.

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