FREE Planetarians Upcycled Ingredients

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Get a FREE Upcycled Ingredients Sample!

PLANETARIANS plans to launch a contest for the best recipe made from upcycled ingredients.

PLANETARIANS upcycled ingredients are made from byproducts of the food production process. An especially common by-product is defatted seed – the dry matter that’s left after extracting oil from seeds.  They want you to take PLANETARIANS ingredients to the next level by creating a recipe that will meet the growing demand for healthy and sustainable food.

Click this link to get your sample.  Then once it arrives, Make your recipe and post a video to any social network and submit the link. Collect as many likes as you can and get noticed by jury.

Winners will have the opportunity to partake in a variety of experiences to turn their recipe into a business, such as a cooking lesson, an acceleration program and a trial at an innovation center.


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