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Seasons Sparkling is Sparkling Water + Organic Botanicals.  Plant-based ingredients. Perfectly paired.  Seasons Sparkling is a contemporary beverage brand that makes sparkling waters with organic botanicals and presents art in new ways.


rooibos lemon   

Beloved in South Africa, rooibos drops subtle earthy notes as a grounding complement to the punchy citrus notes of lemon. This one is gonna be your everyday thing.

matcha ginger turmeric  

Pretty much the perfect trio. MGT as we affectionately call it, delivers on all three super ingredients. This is our go-to whether first thing in the am or as a post-workout pick me up.

lemon elderflower

Elderflower is one of our favorite ingredients. Traditionally known as a flower extract to remedy colds, here it provides a delicate touch to balance out the brightness of lemon zest. 

grapefruit rose

Don’t be fooled – we aren’t selling you alcohol. We mean rose like the flower, not rosé like the wine! (that’s not to say this can’t be your fave mixer) Floral and slightly pithy, this combo is refreshingly crisp and downright crushable.

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