FREE Tootsie Rolls Mini Bites

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Get FREE Tootsie Rolls Mini Bites!! Tootsie Roll makers are looking for people to try out the new tootsie roll and fruit chews mini bites. If selected, they will mail you a free sample pack to try.  All they want is your opinion about the candy.

Just fill out the form and watch your mailbox for the free candy email on 4/3. Tootsie Roll Mini Bites is a new way to enjoy Tootsie Rolls! Each Tootsie Roll Mini Bite starts with a delicious chewy Tootsie Roll center, surrounded by a light candy shell.

Fruit Chews Mini Bites contain the same Fruit Chews center you know and love, only now with a candy coating. Each unwrapped, ready to eat piece delivers intense fruit flavor, along with a satisfying chew. 5 mouth watering flavors are in each bag: Orange, Lemon, Lime, Cherry and Blue Raspberry!

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