FREE ZeroWater Mini Filter for Brita Pitchers

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Get a FREE ZeroWater Mini Filter for Brita Pitchers!  Want to try the latest technology in gravity-fed water filtration? Sign up and they’ll send you a free ZeroWater mini — a trial-sized ZeroWater filter that fits in any Brita pitcher.

Introducing the first premium filter for Brita pitchers. Brita customers can finally enjoy filtered water free of virtually all dissolved solids with the ZeroWater 5-Stage filter for Brita pitchers and dispensers. This premium filter offers an alternative to the standard 2-stage Brita filter, which can only remove about 50% of dissolved solids in tap water.  This filter enables filtered water drinkers to try the latest filter technology without having to commit to purchasing a whole new filtration system.  In addition, the Mini-Filter also has color change technology on each filter to indicate when replacement is needed.

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