Join the Keurig Coffee Insiders = FREE Coffee?

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Join the Keurig Coffee Insiders and possibly get FREE Coffee or Keurig machines!  They are looking for coffee lovers to help them by answering suveys and participating in other types of activities, such as online journals, discussions, or something more involved.

Many of these panels sometimes offer free products so it may be worth signing up!

Why Join?

  • We want to talk everything coffee with you and learn more about your relationship with Canada’s second most consumed beverage (after water).
  • But most importantly, you, the consumer, have a voice and us, Keurig, want to hear it. You are our boardroom and what you have to say will help shape the decisions we make.
  • As a member of our community, you get to share your opinions and point of view through short surveys. That means exclusive access to potential products, concepts, and advertising ideas. Imagine the satisfaction of looking at a product on shelf or an ad on TV that you helped create. (Plus, you can earn prizes for your time!)

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