Enter to Win a FREE $500 Visa Gift Card from Guide2Free

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Enter to Win a FREE $500 Visa Gift Card from Guide2Free!  Whether you need to buy gifts, pick up a Christmas tree, purchase groceries for your Christmas dinner, or just treat yourself…..One lucky winner will win a $500 Visa gift card to spend on anything you want!

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  1. Well, almost half of the card would be used to pay for my exorbitant medical school application fees.

  2. If I win I wld go home 4 Christmas. I left 4 the Army at 18. Served 6yrs & haven’t been back home for Christmas since I was 17. Didn’t have time while in the Army due to going overseas & ect. Since I left the Army I haven’t had the funds to go back 4 Christmas. I’m lucky if I get 2 go home 2 visit every other yr. Whomever wins I say an early Kudos!! very Happy 4 u. I wish ev1 the best of luck & hope ev1 has a very Happy Holidays. best wishes 4 a great 2014!!

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