FREE $26.05 Cash for Getting a FREE Rush Card

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It’s back if you missed it last time!  Free cash plus these cards are great for requesting freebies that ask for a credit card!

Get FREE $26.05 Cash for Getting a FREE Rush Card!!  It’s totally FREE money.  All you have to do is request a Rush card, activate it and deposit $3.95.  Once done they give you a $30 signup bonus!!  The card is free and these type of cards work great for requesting freebies that require credit cards or when you get trial offers that require credit cards.

Here’s how to get your FREE cash:

  • Go Here and and choose the “Pay as you go” option and enter your information. Also, choose your card design (don’t pick the Sequin KLS RushCard because it costs more to activate).
  • Use DALEHARLER1 as your referral code (or a friend’s code) to activate the $30 sign up bonus. If you don’t enter a code, you don’t get the $30 bonus so be sure to enter the code DALEHARLER1
  • They are going to ask for your social but they don’t do a credit check or anything like that.  They are just making sure you are who you say you are.  So go ahead and fill out your accurate personal info.
  • Once your done, wait 5-7 business days for the card to come in the mail.
  • When you get the card in the mail, go ahead and activate it using the iOS app, Android app, phone or online.
  • Now to get your $30 bonus you have to deposit $3.95 for their one time activation fee. I did this using Paypal via the app. The $30 will usually appear in your account within 48 hours. It can take up to 30 days but usually goes in after a day or two.
  • That’s it.  When they deposit your $30 you can use it for purchases for $1 per transaction or use a qualified MoneyPass ATM to get it without any fees. Enjoy your Free money!



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