FREE Aethia Egg Worth $8 to $80,000+

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Hurry.. ends today!

Wow! Get a FREE Aethia Egg Worth $8-80,000+ when you refer friends!  You start with an egg (Worth about $8 bucks to start).  The more friends you refer, the better the egg you get.  The top egg is worth a whopping $86,000!

The egg hatches to become an Ethergotchi. The Ethergotchi grows (or if you mistreat it, even dies. Don’t do that!) according to how you treat and interact with it.

Hot to get an Egg

  • Go HERE and click sign up now
  • Click Sign up to acquire and create an account
  • They will send you an email with a code to login
  • Once logged in you will get your personal sharing link.  Share it here in our Facebook group to get more referrals.  Once you hit 3 you get a free egg to play with or trade at a later point for cash!

Aethia is a new game built using the Ethereum blockchain. On the surface, it seems like a Tamagotchi on the blockchain. The game ‘creatures’ are called Ethergotchis in the Aethia game. However, beyond this surface, Aethia brings with it a whole new game world, and can potentially be much more engrossing than a simple Tamagotchi.


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