How I Earn $190+ Each Month in Amazon Gift Cards

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It is entirely possible to make some good extra money for just a little bit of time each day.  I spend 30 minutes to an hour on the sites listed below and consistently make around almost $200 a month in Amazon gift cards.  Just spend a little bit of time on the sites listed and you will have some extra money to spend in no time!

1.) PERK (make around $70+ per month)

Perk is an App that allows you to watch videos (like commercials) in exchange for points. You earn 4 points for every 2 videos. Once and hour a box will pop up and ask if you are still watching.  You can earn about $2 a day just by playing the videos.  You can also use their search app and earn up to 100 points for searching. You can also earn by playing games, shopping, and browsing online.  If you have more than one phone or tablet to use you can maximize your earnings.

2.) Swagbucks (make around $30 per month)

Swagbucks also rewards you for doing stuff online.  Each day log into your account and do the Daily Crave, Daily Poll, and NOSO offers to earn points.  Then you can use the Swagbucks video app to reach your goal for the day.  It should take about an hour to complete this and you should average around 3,000 Swagbucks a month (which equals a $30 Amazon GC).  There are tons of other ways to earn more Swagbucks which you can do to earn even more.

3.) Zoombucks (make around $30 per month)

Zoombucks is very similar to Swagbucks.  Just log in each day and complete your daily goal to earn points.  Just by doing your daily activities you can earn around $30 a month.  You can also earn more by doing some of the other activities.

4.) Superpoints (make around $10 a month)

You can earn gift cards at Superpoints too.  The easiest way is to log in and use their stumble feature.  Every time you earn stumble points it’s about 25 points.  Do this throughout the day and you can earn around $10 bucks a month.

5.) InstaGC (make around $50 a month)

Each day log in and click on “earn”.   If you earn just 166 points a day you will average around $50 a month in gift cards.  This is very easy to do because they have a tons of ways to earn.

6.) Receipt Hog (make around $5 a month)

This one is super easy cash.  Just take a picture of your shopping receipts and earn points.  That is it!  Use the ref code clok2872 for bonus points when you sign up.

So there you go… by just doing these daily task it adds up to $195 in gift cards a month!  You could easily earn depending on how much effort you put in.  Know of any other great sites for earning even more?  Leave a comment below and let us know.


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