FREE Impossible Gameball T Shirt and Gameballs

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Get a FREE Impossible Gameball T Shirt and Gameballs when you refer your friends!  Coming in Summer 2017, The Gameball will retail for $99 and you can get yours for free by helping us spread the word.

Just sign up and share your personal link with friends. Earn a point for each person who signs up through your link! Invite enough friends and you will get your Gameball for FREE (a $99 Value)!  Need help?  Come share your link in our Facebook group.

What is it?

The Play Impossible Gameball is a multi-sport, mobile device-connected ball designed for indoor and outdoor recreational activities. Developed for children 5 to 15 years of age, the Gameball will connect via Bluetooth to an App that features fun and interactive games. The 5-inch inflatable Gameball is made of high-quality microfiber and contains sensors, a microcontroller, Bluetooth radio, and an ultracapacitor.

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