Healthywage: Get Paid to Lose Weight

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Got some weight to lose?  Healthywage wants to pay you to lose weight!  If you are really serious about losing weight this is pretty cool.  Basically you tell them how much weight you want to lose and then you make a “bet” that your really going to do it.  So say you bet $20 that your really going to lose the weight….if you do lose the pounds you will win real cash!!  First place gets $10,000 bucks!  How’s that for motivation?!

  • 1) Calculate Your Prize by entering the number of pound you want to lose.
  • 2) Make Your Bet Increase your winnings by adjusting your goal weight, how much you contribute, the time you expect it to take! Find a prize you like and make your wager!
  • 3) Lose the Weight Stay on track throughout the contest with weekly weigh-ins and support from other contestants.
  • 4) Win Money! If you meet your goal, you win your prize! It’s that simple!

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