9 Totally Cool Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

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Try something new this year with these 9 Totally Cool Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs!  They are all inexpensive and easy and of course, BEAUTIFUL!  Plus you might even have everything you need on hand to make them.  Which one is your favorite?  Got any other cool ideas…. leave a comment!


Use Kool Aid to dye your Easter eggs!  Kool Aid is way cheaper than food coloring plus you don’t need any vinegar.


Draw on the eggshells of boiled eggs using crayons to create Easter eggs with a beautiful marbleized look.


Instead of dipping your eggs in dye, why not drizzle the dye on the eggs to create these neat watercolor Easter eggs!


Wow. Did you know you could use fruits, veggies, and spices to dye your eggs?  Not only is it all naural, but look how pretty they are!


The ombre trend is everywhere these days… why not make some ombre Easter eggs?!  It’s easier than you might think.


Here is another cool way to dye Easter eggs! Use shaving cream! It may be a little messy but look at the amazing designs you can create.


What! Glow in the dark Easter eggs!  All you need is some paint, vinegar, and water to make this special glowing dye.

Make these cute colored deviled eggs for Easter! These would be great for so many other holidays (think red and green for christmas)


Not into regular deviled eggs?  You can make these vanilla cream jello easter eggs instead!


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