FREE 1 Year Angie’s List Membership

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Get a FREE 1 Year Angie’s List Membership from Allstate! You’ll be able to read reviews of home service professionals, get exclusive discounts from top-rated businesses and receive a subscription to the award-winning Angie’s List Magazine.

To get it:

  • Go here and enter your info and click on “Get Code”.聽 Copy your access code and click on Activate.
  • Go here and enter your zip code and promo code from step 1.

Please note your credit card information is required for enrollment on Angie’s List. The one-year subscription will automatically renew so you must cancel before your year is up. You can cancel any time via the Contact Us page or by calling 1-866-623-6088. No quote or purchase of insurance necessary to redeem Angie’s List offer. Offer is available to new Angie’s List customers only, while supplies last.

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