FREE Bogart One Hitter Pipes

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Get FREE Bogart One Hitter Pipes!

To get a FREE 3 Pack, Text the word BUD to 434-204-2042 and when they ask for a referral code use 30d77 .  Then choose option A and enter your mailing info.

Then you can also refer friends to get the rewards listed below. After you fill out your mailing info you will have the option to request a referral code.  Come it share it in our Facebook group here!

What’s a One Hitter Pipe?

These versatile, practical pipes come in a variety of fun styles and cater to smokers who prefer a quick, small hit of their favorite flower. Utilizing a one-hitter can help control dosage, conserve your stash, and keep things simple, discreet, and clean.

Rewards Available

  • 3 friends signup: a 9-pack of bogart one-hitters ($18 value)
  • 10 friends signup: a signed copy of Danny Danko’s book ($30 value)
  • 20 friends signup: a 9-pack of bogart, a kasher lighter tool, and a mason grinder ($60 value)
  • 40 friends signup: glass designed by a local artist ($200 value)
  • 75 friends signup: Puffco Peak smart rig ($400 value)

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