FREE Gillette Razor for Heroes

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Hurry and get a FREE Gillette Razor for Front Line Heroes!!

To all of the healthcare heroes and first responders, let us start by saying thank you for the work you and your teams are doing to keep our communities safe and healthy. We are aware the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued guidance that encourages shaving when wearing N95 and similar respiratory masks to ensure proper mask fit for protection. Many of you who wear these protective masks are choosing to shave (or are being required to do so) to get the best possible fit.

Gillette is giving away the new SkinGuard Razors to medical professionals and first responders. Sign up for your chance, and please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Quantities are limited. Just click this link and fill out the form.

Gillette® SkinGuard is our first razor specifically designed for men with sensitive skin and razor bumps. The razor shaves hair and guards skin due to its unique SkinGuard positioned between the blades. It works to minimize tug and pull and cut hair at skin level, helping to prevent irritation.

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