FREE Random Items from Amazon Sellers (Direct Ship FREEBIES)
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FREE Random Items from Amazon Sellers (Direct Ship FREEBIES)

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Huge Direct Ship List!

Get FREE Random Items from Amazon Sellers!  Sign up now to get free direct ship overstock items from Amazon sellers. (Direct Ship Freebies)

Why are they doing this?

Well, Amazon charges a storage fee. When the seller has too much of anything, they would rather give out the samples than pay the outrageous storage fees. This seller is not going to do anything more than mail the item to you- that is it. If you are interested- please complete the form with your mailing address and phone number.

What will you be receiving?

It can mostly be clothes, and toys. But don’t be surprised if it is something else like electronics or bedding 🙂 If it doesn’t fit- or you don’t like it- you can always gift it or donate it. Now, because it is a large quantity of items, you cannot be sent a particular size. It will be random.

Do not review these items or you risk losing your amazon account!

How do I sign up?

Fill out any or all of these to get free items

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FREE Random Items from Amazon Sellers (Direct Ship FREEBIES)

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