FREE Whidby White Okra Seeds

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Request FREE Whidby White Okra Seeds!

Do you like to garden? Then why not request these free okra seeds to help the Whidby White Community Seed Selection Project. They would like you to grow and eat the okra and all you have to do is send them seeds back from your palest pod.

If you can grow okra (which is pretty easy if you live somewhere warm) then you can be a part of this project. Just sign up to receive a FREE Sow True Seed sponsored Whidby White Okra Community Seed Selection Kit!


If you sign up then they will ask you to grow some okra (min. 10 plants). When the okra sets its first pods, you will identify the plant producing the palest pods using an okra color spectrum card. They would like a photo of the palest okra against the color spectrum card so they can compare all the different okras!

Next you will bag a flower on the plant producing the palest pods in order to save pure self-pollinated seed from that plant. We would like some of those seeds mailed back to us at the end of the season. Don’t worry, they offer complete instructions and full support. All the materials you need will be in the Whidby White CSS Kit!

If this sounds like something you would enjoy, just click this link to learn more and sign up.

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