How to watch your Local TV channels for FREE

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Learn How to watch your Local TV channels for FREE!

If your a cord cutter you may know that there are only a few streaming services that carry local channels and none of them are free. If your missing your local channels that have local news and weather, you may want to check out Locast.

Locast is America鈥檚 only free, nonprofit local broadcast TV digital translator streaming service that provides local broadcast TV channels via the Internet.

locast tv

Locast’s mission is to deliver to all Americans free, local broadcast TV service, particularly for consumers who can鈥檛 afford pay-TV like cable, satellite, or streaming, or who can鈥檛 get their local broadcast channels using an over-the-air antenna. 

Right now the service is only available in select cities. To sign up, visit this link and share your location. If Locast is streaming in your location you can sign up for an account. Then you can download the locast app on all popular mobile and streaming platforms. They do ask for donations but it is not required.

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