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Update: New links!

  • New!  Fill this out to possibly get FREE Westpoint Sheet, Towel, or Blanket
  • New!  Fill this out to possibly get FREE Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout Kit
  • New!  Fill this out to possibly get FREE Splat Hair Dye Sample
  • New!  Fill this out to possibly get FREE Kid’s Totes rain boots
  • New!  Fill this out to possibly get FREE Speck iPad or iPhone Case
  • New!  Fill this out to possibly get FREE Good Clean Love Product

Apply to Test FREE Products from ViewPoints! Viewpoints occasionally runs free product sampling programs. If you write a review after using the product, it’s yours to keep.  Since inception Viewpoints has collected millions of reviews of more than 50,000 products across more than 9,000 brands while helping more than 130 million shoppers make more informed decisions.

Just fill out the form and tell them about yourself for a chance to be selected.  If they pick you they will mail you the product for FREE and all you have to do is write a review of the product once it arrives.  Then you can keep it!


  1. I am curious if anyone gets chosen for the Viewpoints samplings. I have applied for probably 40 different products over the last year and never been chosen. It is frustrating because they offer
    some awesome products.Everything from small kitchen appliances to garment steamers and irons. I would love to be selected!

  2. I also got the baby delight HD wifi camera! Super excited about that, comes with a fully functional tablet too. I’ve also got makeup a few times. Last year I got a toy for my grandson that was over $100. I love this program!

  3. Do you know how long it takes for the product to arrive once you get accepted?! And do they respond back to you if you get accepted. They told me yo reply back to the email and I did but I didn’t receive anything back yet

  4. They normally will only respond back if your info was wrong, like my phone number was wrong and I told them in the email back and he responded that it was updated but normally they only respond back when it’s being shipped and that usually takes a couple weeks. Once you get the email that it’s shipped it usually takes about a week. As long as your responded back in time, you’re good.


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