Facebook Fans: You May Be Missing Updates on Facbook

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Grrr.. Facebook can be so annoying sometimes!  If you are a fan of Guide2Free on Facebook, please read this. I just wanted to let you all know about some changes that facebook is making that you need to know about.  Basically, all the freebies that I post on the Facebook page don’t actually show in your newsfeed.  Facebook has a new Edgerank system that decided which posts to show you and which ones you don’t see.  For every 100 fans only about 16 actually see what I post on Facebook!

To make matters even worse they are trying to charge Facebook Fan Pages like mine $10-$30 dollars per post if we want “everyone who likes the page” to see the posts!   They are trying make us PAY to show posts to people who already like the facebook page!  Seriously Facebook?


Facebook Fans: You May Be Missing Updates on Facbook

If you want to make sure that you see Guide2Free’s posts on Facebook there are a couple of things you can do.

  • When you see posts by Guide2Free on facebook it is important that you “like” or comment on them regularly or they will stop showing them to you.  ( I guess Facebook thinks if you don’t “like” or comment on things then you don’t care about them, and then they stop showing you them)
  • You can also go to the Guide2Free Facebook page and hover your mouse over the Facebook Fans: You May Be Missing Updates on Facbookbutton and drop down menu will appear.  Make sure “Show in News Feed” has a checkmark by it.

Facebook Fans: You May Be Missing Updates on Facbook

The best way to stay updated is to visit https://www.guide2free.com directly, but I know alot of you like the convenience of having new freebies show up in your facebook newsfeed.  So if you want to make sure you see every post please take a second and make sure the “show in news feed” is checked or just “like” or comment on the Facebook posts!

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