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If you have more than one gmail account, you may want to check out the FREE Shift email app!  It lets you switch between accounts without having to log in and out.  It’s great if you have a regular email account and a separate one for freebies.

Just GO HERE and click on download now.  Open the app and log in to your email accounts.  That’s it.  Now you can use the switch app to switch between accounts instantly.

With a single desktop email client, you only need to open the app and you have everything you need. You no longer need to remember multiple passwords or hop from site to site to check all your messages. Getting into your email becomes a “single click” task.   Try Shift absolutely free and you’ll never want to open your email in your browser again. You’ll be able to navigate email, calendars and cloud storage drives — even on multiple providers — all in one place without the tedious logging in, logging out routine.

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