How to See All The Free Samples You Have on The Way

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Getting samples is super fun, but did you know that you can get notifications every time someone sends you a package?  Sign up for these 3 services below and you will get alerted everytime a package is being sent your way!


Sign up for Informed Delivery from USPS to see everything coming in your mailbox everyday.  Informed Delivery sends you detailed images of your Incoming Mail to your email each morning so you will always know what鈥檚 coming in the mail. Plus you can look at a list of all the packages that you have on the way.  Click here to sign up.

(Note: this one sometimes misses small packages like envelopes with perfume and other smallish freebies)


Sign up for UPS my Choice to get alerted everytime you have a package coming via UPS.  They usually send an email telling you who it’s from and when it will arrive.  You can also download the UPS app and log in and you can see a list of all incoming packages.  Click here to sign up.


Sign up for FedEX delivery manager to get alerts when you have a package coming via FedEX.  They will email you when you have a package coming and you can also check the app. Click here to sign up.

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