The Free Sample Experiment – Week 28

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This week I got some great free samples.  The Bio True sample was a big 4oz bottle which I didn’t expect!  I also got a full size bottle of Gorilla glue for entering a contest.  The Smuckers Peanut butter was from one of those Self magazine giveaways.  And check out the cool red bag from Mary Kay… the offer was a text in for a lip gloss sample and they ended up sending me a lip gloss plus the bag!  Did anyone else get one??

What I got that is still available:

Everything Else (No Longer Available)

  • Caswell Masey hand and body emulsion
  • Mary Kay lip gloss and bag
  • Ruffies scented trash bags samples
  • 6′ digital audio cable from 1saleaday
  • Lanacane anti-chafing gel
  • Crespo Olives samples
  • Smuckers natural peanut butter from Self Mag
  • Full size bottle of Gorilla glue (for contest entry)
  • Ok magazine, Shape, and Popular Science

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  1. How’d you get the free peanut butter from self? instant giveaway? sign up? sample?

  2. Yeah it was a giveaway… one of those first 500 to signup at noon type things. They sent a coupon and I just went and got the peanut butter

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