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FREE USPS Informed Delivery Service (See What Freebies are Coming Before They Arrive!)

Get the new FREE USPS Informed Delivery Service!!  Enter your zip code to see if it’s available in your area.  If it is, sign up and they will email you images of the mail that will be placed in your mailbox each day.  Get up to 10 mail piece images in your morning email, which can be viewed on any computer or a smart phone.  You can also log in and see a list of packages that have been mailed to you.  This is a great way to see freebies that are being sent to you!  I use it all the time.

Informed Delivery sends you detailed images of your Incoming Mail to your email each morning so you will always know what’s coming in the mail. By April 14, Informed Delivery will be available at most areas nationwide.

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