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Get FREE Shoes When You Become a Product Tester for These 7 Companies

Get FREE Shoes When You Become a Product Tester for These 7 Companies
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Did you know almost all the major shoe brands have product testing panels where you can get FREE shoes and FREE clothing to test?  Just apply and let them know a little about the activities you participate in and they may just choose you as a wear tester.

Some companies require you be at least 18, while others allow children and babies to test as well.  Sometimes, after your test they will ask you to send the clothing or shoes back so they can analyze how they held up (they always pay for return shipping).  Many times they will give you the final product for FREE as a thank you for testing.

Check out the list below and Get FREE Shoes When You Become a Product Tester


Nike is looking for people to test their shoes and clothing.  There are several categories you can apply to be a tester for.  Plus, they accept kids and teens as testers so your child can sign up too.  Learn more and apply here

Brooks Wear Testing

Brooks is looking for people 18 or older to wear test their shoes and apparel.  They mainly look for people who are runners and will agree to wear the test products only for running.  Learn more and apply here

New Balance

Got a sense of adventure, a passion for a sport or activity, a willingness to use prototype products, and the ability to provide constructive written feedback? You may be qualified to test New Balance products!  This one is available for adults and children (even infants!)  Learn more and apply here


Reebok is also looking for testers for their clothing and apparel.  And they always give you a FREE pair of shoes when you complete a test as a thank you.  They are looking for all types of people that runs, walks, plays or trains daily.  Learn more and apply here

Under Armour

Under Armour Wear Testers get the unique chance to try out the world’s greatest performance gear before it hits fields, courts, and gyms around the world.  Not only do they have shoes and clothing, sometimes they will also have other fitness gear for testing like headphones.  Learn more and apply here


Saucony is always looking for runners who live in the lower 48 states of the US to wear test their shoes and apparel.  They are looking for runners on different levels – beginners, recreational runners, marathoners – everyone is more than welcome to apply.   Learn more and apply here

Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear is seeking a broad variety of outdoor athletes to test their footwear and apparel, and to provide constructive and candid feedback.  You must be 18 or older to apply for this one.  Learn more and apply here

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