Kohl’s Product Champions: Become a Product Reviewer for Kohl’s

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Did you know Kohl’s has a reviewer program similar to Try it sampling?  It’s another free reviewer program where you can get loads of free products just for writing a quick review!

It’s called Kohl’s Product Champions and it’s an exclusive program you can only get in by invite only.  Once a shopper becomes a Kohl鈥檚 Product Champion, they receive free products. They鈥檙e able to try them out for free鈥攁nd keep them, too!

All they ask in return is that Product Champions write honest reviews of their products on Kohls.com.  Product champions are not paid, but they do get to keep all the products they review.

What kind of products will I get?

It can literally be anything that is sold at Kohl’s website.  Once you become a member you will answer questions about yourself and your household and you will be matched with products that fit your lifestyle.

How to get invited to be a Kohl’s Product Champion?

Kohl鈥檚 Product Champions is an exclusive, invite-only community. The way to get picked is to write reviews on the Kohl’s website for every product you buy.  Kohl’s chooses from the engaged reviewers on their website and sends out invites when they need more reviewers.

If you want to learn more about the program, click this link. It is well worth the effort to write reviews in order to get an invite.  Once your in you will be very glad you did!  If you get picked tag us @guide2free and let us know you made it.

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