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FREE Book “The Book of Revelation Unveiled”

FREE Book "The Book of Revelation Unveiled"
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Get the FREE Book “The Book of Revelation Unveiled” from The United Church of God!

If you are confused by the book of Revelation and would like to know what it all means—and how it’s cast of mysterious characters all fit within Bible prophecy—then request the free Bible Study aid booklet  The Book of Revelation Unveiled .

This study aid will take you through the major themes of the book of Revelation helping you to understand what Jesus Christ revealed to the apostle John and how it all fits together. Discover the major trends and future prophetic events that will shape this world—and your life—in the days ahead.

To get your copy, click this link and hit the request button.  Then checkout (no donation needed) and they will mail the book to your home.  You’ll also get their free Beyond Today Magazine.

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