How to Win Amazon Giveaways

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How to Win Amazon Giveaways : Your complete Guide to winning Amazon Bouncy Box Giveaways

Love Free Stuff?  Have your heard of Amazon giveaways??  Amazon giveaways are another fun and easy way to get freebies.  They are also sometimes called bouncy box giveaways because on each page,all you have to do is click the bouncy box to see if you won.

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What is an Amazon Giveaway? (Bouncy Box)

An Amazon Giveaway is a giveaway that is hosted on by a person or brand.  Anyone can enter these giveaways, and the winner gets a prize completely free of charge.  No shipping or fees at all.  Sellers want to gain exposure for their products and giveaways are a great way to get the word out, so tons of sellers are giving away their products!

There are four types of giveaways: random instant win, sweepstakes/drawing, lucky number instant win (X nth entrant), and first-come, first-served. Of these, the first three are the most common.

What can I win in an Amazon Bouncy Box Giveaway?

There are tons of different giveaways on Amazon and you can win just about anything that’s sold on Amazon!  We’ve seen all sorts of goodies given away like Xbox consoles, couches, makeup, TVs, and tons more.  There are hundreds that you can ever each day and you will know instantly if your a winner.

What are the chances of winning an Amazon Giveaway?

The odds vary depending on the giveaway.  They can be very good like 1:1 where everyone wins all the way to 1:9,999 where only one wins out of a very large number.  The better odds, the better chance you have to be a winner.  We like the ones with very good chances like 1:50 or 1:100 where you have an excellent chance to win.

Look for the best odds when entering so you have the best chance to win.  I’d stay under the 1:1,000 range for a good shot.  Remember, giveaways with really good odds go fast so make sure you check a often for new giveaways.  They can pop up at any time.

How do I enter an Amazon Bouncy Box Giveaway?

When you visit the giveaway page, you will see the prize.  Sometimes you have to do an action first like watch a video for 15 seconds, and sometimes you don’t have to do anything.  Then you just click on the “bouncy box” and you will then see a message telling you if your a winner or not.

How to Win Amazon Giveaways

If you are a winner, they will mail you the prize free of charge!

How do I find Amazon Giveaways?

First place to look is on Amazon’s Giveaway page.  There you will all the live giveaways, as well as the giveaway of the day.  But keep reading….there’s a better way to find them.

My favorite place to find giveaways is a website called giveaway listing.  They list out all the on-going giveaways and they also list the odds of winning so you can quickly decide which ones to enter.

They have it all organized and easy to see:

How to Win Amazon Giveaways

All you have to do is click on the time on the left and it will take you the entry page where can then enter to win the prize.  You can see exactly which ones are worth your time and which ones have a low chance of winning.  Remember…new giveaways can pop up at any time so make sure to refresh the page and check it often.

Never miss a box:

Giveaway Listing also has an email signup box where can opt in to get their emails.  You can choose the odds and prize values you want and they will send just those giveaways to your inbox.

How Can I Increase My Chances of Winning an Amazon Bouncy Box?

Amazon Giveaway Strategies

  1.  Play the odds!  Only enter giveaways that have good odds.
  2. Watch the times.  If the giveaway is looking for the 1,000th entrant, then you want to give it some time before you enter. It may take a few a day or two to get that many entries. If you participate immediately after the giveaway goes live, there is no way you’re going to win.  A good rule of thumb… the more valuable the prize… the quicker the entries go.

I hope that helps!  If you win an Amazon bouncy box giveaway tag me on social media or comment here and let me know! 🙂

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