MeasuPro BPM-80A Blood Pressure Monitor Review

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MeasuPro asked me to try out their MeasuPro BPM-80A Blood Pressure Monitor. Using advanced technology, the MeasuPro Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor provides accurate measurements of your blood pressure and pulse rate. You’ll find that it is compact, comfortable, and simple to use. Using a highly advanced mechanism, it offers state of the art technology to provide the highest grade accuracy. You can learn more and purchase one here.

My mom battles high blood pressure and the doctor asked her to keep a log of her blood pressure readings twice a day so I was thrilled at the chance to review this. We had been using a cheapo machine from Walmart but it was not always accurate. We then went old school and were using a cuff and stethoscope to take it manually to make sure it was accurate. Doing it manually is a pain.

When I got this machine the first thing I noticed was how sleek it is. The cuff plugs right into the side and all you need to do is insert the batteries (which are included). There is also a dc plug on the side for power if your batteries die. You can put the cuff on easily yourself or you can have someone put it on for you. Press the button and wait as it takes your blood pressure. It goes really fast and it doesn’t hurt like those big machines at Walmart.

When it is finished your results are shown on the huge vibrant display. It is very easy to read. It shows you your blood pressure and your pulse also. Underneath your reading is a little bar that shows what range your reading is (Normal, Pre-hypertension, Hypertension Stage 1, Hypertension Stage 2, and Hypertensive crisis) It also saves the readings which is perfect for us because we can just take the machine to the doctor visit and he can see up to the last 60 readings with dates and times. No reason not to keep a log when it is this easy!

Just to be sure we tested this on a few different people side by side with the manual cuff and the results were very accurate. My mom actually keeps this in her purse so we can check her blood pressure whenever we need to. This is a great machine and we are very happy with it.

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