12 HomeGoods Shopping Secrets To Save Big Bucks

In this guide, we unveil 12 powerful HomeGoods shopping secrets that will transform your spending habits and supercharge your savings.

Reddit user DealerMcDiscount reveals the 3 best spots within Homegoods where you can uncover the best deals. 

3 Spots to Check for the Best Deals

Unlock the ultimate shopping advantage by visiting HomeGoods during the low-traffic hours of mid-week, specifically from Tuesday to Thursday, between 10-11 AM.

Optimal Shopping Hours for HomeGoods

Here’s a simple shopping strategy for HomeGoods: their products get marked down every three months.

Timing Your Purchase for HomeGoods Markdowns

Here’s a handy tip for HomeGoods shoppers: you can actually put items on hold at the store. 

Putting Items on Hold at HomeGoods

Seasoned HomeGoods aficionados know that restocking days hold the key to discovering fresh inventory and possibly scoring discounted items that haven’t found new homes yet

Discover the Restocking Day Advantage at HomeGoods

Negotiate for Savings

Here’s a money-saving tip for HomeGoods shoppers: don’t hesitate to ask for a discount, even if the item is already on clearance.

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