12 Insider Costco Shopping Secrets That Will Save You Money

Uncover the hidden secrets to maximize your savings at Costco with our comprehensive guide. 

National Markdowns: Prices Ending in 97

When browsing the aisles of Costco, keep an eye out for prices ending in ‘.97’. These price endings indicate national markdowns, meaning the item has been discounted across all Costco locations. 

Local Markdowns: Prices Ending in 00

While national markdowns end in ‘.97’, local markdowns at Costco can be identified by prices ending in ‘.00’.

Limited Stock: Items Marked with an Asterisk

Items marked with an asterisk (*) at Costco indicate that they won’t be restocked once they’re sold out.

Clearance Finds Online: Search While Supplies Last at Costco’s Website

You can just head over to Costco’s website and search for the term ‘while supplies last’ to find a treasure trove of online clearance items. 

Maximize Savings: Stack Costco Coupons with Rebate Apps

Boost your savings at Costco by stacking coupons with popular rebate apps like Ibotta, Checkout 51, and Fetch Rewards.

Discounted Movie Tickets: Costco vs Theater Prices

Did you know movie tickets cost less at Costco than purchasing them directly at the theater? 

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