12 Insider Costco Shopping Secrets That Will Save You Money 

 In this revealing article, we’ll lift the curtain on Costco’s best-kept secrets, sharing exclusive knowledge that Costco may not want you to know.

Local Markdowns: Prices Ending in 00

Keep an eye out for prices ending in ‘.00’ to potentially uncover exclusive local deals and maximize your savings during your next Costco shopping trip.

Clearance Finds Online: Search While Supplies Last at Costco’s Website

You can just head over to Costco’s website and search for the term ‘while supplies last’ to find a treasure trove of online clearance items.

National Markdowns: Prices Ending in 97

 So, the next time you see a price tag ending in ‘.97’, you know you’ve stumbled upon a nationwide deal at Costco.

Limited Stock: Items Marked with an Asterisk

If you come across a product you love with an asterisk on its price tag, it’s a good idea to grab it while you can.

Maximize Savings: Stack Costco Coupons with Rebate Apps

Costco accepts manufacturer’s coupons, and when you combine them with cashback offers from these rebate apps, your savings can multiply. 

Discounted Movie Tickets: Costco vs Theater Prices

Costco offers discounted movie ticket packages, allowing you to enjoy the latest films at a lower price. 

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